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  Actos Lawsuit

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Actos Bladder Cancer - Do You Have An Actos Lawsuit?

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11/28/2012 - Type II diabetes medication, Actos, carries an increased risk of developing bladder cancer. Takeda Pharmaceutical, the manufacturer of Actos, performed preclinical Actos studies, which revealed a higher incidence of bladder cancer in rats treated with Actos when compared with rats treated with a placebo.  Unfortunately, however Takeda willfully concealed this information and allowed humans to become the next set of “guinea pigs” as Actos received FDA approval in 1999.

Actos sales began to soar and by 2010, Takeda’s global sales from Actos were estimated at $4.6 billion, with an estimated 2.3 million prescriptions filled in the United States.

Although Takeda continued to conceal the information of the Actos bladder cancer, post-market studies started to conclude and revealed up to a 22% increased risk of developing bladder cancer in Actos users.

On June 15, 2011, the FDA issued a Safety Warning that the use of Actos for more than one year is associated with an increased risk of developing bladder cancer, prompting a label change.

On August 4, 2011, the FDA approves the added language on Actos labels warning of the increased risk of bladder cancer. The updated label also recommends that patients with active bladder cancer should not use Actos and extreme caution should be used with patients with a prior history of bladder cancer.

Who May Qualify for Compensation?

Patients who have been diagnosed with bladder tumors or bladder cancer while, or shortly after taking Actos, may be entitled to compensation.

How to Hire an Actos Lawyer

Hiring an attorney is not a difficult or expensive experience. Attorneys handling personal injury litigation as described above, work on a contingency fee agreement. This means the attorney receives a percentage of the recovery received in the litigation. If there is no recovery by the client, there are no fees or costs charged to the client. Consultations to determine whether a client has a case are also free.

More Actos Side Effects Lawsuit News::

If you have taken Actos and experienced serious Actos side effects such as Actos Bladder Cancer call our Actos lawyer today to find out about an Actos lawsuit. With offices in Washington D.C. and throughout Florida we are ready to help Actos side effects victims nationwide. Let our Actos Attorneys evaluate your case for free today. Fill out our online case evaluation form on this page or call us toll free at: 1.800.856.6405 for your free, confidential case evaluation.

Under no circumstances should you discontinue taking any medication, including Actos or Pioglitazone, without first consulting with your doctor.

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