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06/21/2016 - Twenty-nine women injured by the controversial Essure birth control device filed suit today in San Miguel County, New Mexico. The women allege the Essure device caused them severe health problems including abdominal pain, severe cramping and bleeding, migraines, allergic reactions, device migrations, perforations and autoimmune issues.
06/03/2016 - A new Bill was announced today by Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick which would essentially abolish medical device manufacturers’ preemption defense in product liability cases.
05/25/2016 - Bayer AG recently offered $62 billion dollars to acquire Monsanto, which would create the world’s biggest supplier of farm chemicals and seeds, many of which are genetically modified. The completed transactions would create a giant in the industry of products including pesticides, genetically modified crops and antibiotics, creating an annual revenue of more that $67 billion.
05/20/2016 - Over the past few weeks, many women may have seen television and Internet advertising regarding the Essure Sterilization device and its complications. Many women may be considering retaining legal counsel at this time. Although the Essure device enjoys certain protection from civil liability pursuant to a legal vehicle called preemption, this protection is not absolute.
05/13/2016 - Since Essure came on the market, there have been thousands of adverse events reported to the FDA regarding injuries caused by the device. Consumers, the manufacturer or health care providers may file these adverse event reports. Many people believe that reports initiated by physicians and other health care providers are given more weight given the knowledge and authority of the source.
05/03/2016 - More than 80 women injured by the controversial Essure birth control device filed suit today in the Superior Court of California, County of Alameda. The case was filed as a Complex Designation Litigation case and should be transferred to one Judge who will likely hear all similar Essure cases.
04/26/2016 - A representative group from the Essure Problems Group, better known as the E-Sisters returned to Congress last week to garner support for the E-Free Act and to strongly pursue a congressional hearing into the deceitful and inappropriate actions of Bayer and the FDA concerning Essure.
04/14/2016 - More than 90 women injured by the controversial Essure birth control device filed suit yesterday in the St. Louis Circuit Court in St. Louis, Missouri. The women allege the Essure device caused them severe health problems including abdominal pain, severe cramping and bleeding, migraines, allergic reactions, device migrations and perforations and autoimmune issues. This suit is one of a handful of suits against pharmaceutical giant, Bayer regarding Essure and comes following the FDA’s announcement last month that it will be requiring the company to issue new “Black Box” warnings.
04/06/2016 - The Food and Drug Administration has a sordid history of scandals involving conflicts of interests, cover-ups, corruption and congressional investigations. A recent investigation into the approval and continued protection for the controversial sterilization device Essure, depicts classic examples of controversial conduct by the FDA, sanctioned at the highest levels.
03/31/2016 - Last week, women injured by the controversial Essure sterilization device scored a major victory as Pennsylvania federal judge John Padova ruled that five Pennsylvania Essure plaintiffs can proceed with their lawsuit.
03/12/2016 - Proponents from the Essure Problems Activist Group have forwarded a letter to William Maisel, Deputy Director for Science and Chief Scientist at the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, demanding his resignation from the FDA. The formidable E-Sisters as they are known, are outraged regarding the FDA’s recent rulings concerning the Essure sterilization device.
03/8/2016 - Last week the FDA issued a much-anticipated announcement regarding the fate of the Essure Sterilization Device. After 5 months of deliberation, the best the FDA could muster is to require a “black box” warning on the device’s labeling and a Patient Decision Checklist to help ensure women receive and understand the dangers and benefits of the Essure device.
02/24/2016 - Fresenius, the world’s largest provider of kidney dialysis services and equipment has agreed to pay $250 million to settle several thousand lawsuits brought by dialysis patients and/or their families. The claims alleged that GranuFlo and NaturaLyte dialysis products caused significant heart problems and death when used during dialysis procedures.
02/17/2016 - United States Congressman, Mike Fitzpatrick held a well attended media conference today to discuss alarming information discovered, which casts additional doubts on the safety of the Essure sterilization device. Representative Fitzpatrick advised that Essure, which has received thousands of adverse event reports, is linked to far more fetal deaths than previously reported, and that doctors performing the procedures were allegedly receiving illegal kickbacks from Essure manufacturers, Conceptus and Bayer.
02/16/2016 - The fight against the highly controversial sterilization device, Essure is gaining traction as Oklahoma Congressman, Tom Cole has joined the E-Free fight. The Act, sponsored by Pennsylvania Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick seeks to have the device removed from the market.
02/11/2016 - Just weeks after a jury rendered a staggering $12.5 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson in the first transvaginal mesh claim tried in Philadelphia, a second Philadelphia jury hit J&J even harder. The jury unanimously awarded Sharon Carlino $3.5 million in compensatory damages and $10 million in punitive damages for a $13.5 million total award for injuries caused by a pelvic mesh device.
02/10/2016 - A representative group from the Essure Problems Group, better known as the E-Sisters returned to Congress last week to garner support for the E-Free Act, introduced by Representative Mike Fitzpatrick. The fight against the highly controversial sterilization device, Essure is gaining traction.
01/21/2016 - Over the past few weeks, many women may have seen television and Internet advertising regarding the Essure Sterilization device and its complications. This article is to provide users of the Essure device with information regarding why you may be entitled to compensation for injuries caused by this dangerous device.
01/18/2016 - Thousands of Xarelto lawsuits filed against manufacturer Bayer, alleging excessive bleeding injuries are picking up steam in the multidistrict litigation underway in U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana. According to a December 17, 2015 order, the Court has begun the process of selecting 40 Xarelto cases for the litigation’s bellwether trial pool.
01/16/2016 - Medical device manufacturing giant, Boston Scientific, is facing a new scandal on an epic scale. The vaginal mesh manufacturer is accused of running an international conspiracy that sold defective vaginal surgical mesh, made of counterfeit supplies it smuggled in from China.
01/07/2016 - The indomitable E-Sisters will return to Washington in early February to continue their fight to have the Essure Sterilization Device removed from the market. The Essure Problems Group, now over 25,000 strong, is resolute in its determination to ensure the device will no longer be implanted in unsuspecting women and that women previously injured by the device can seek compensation for those injuries.
01/05/2016 - C.R. Bard, a major medical device manufacturer, which developed a blood-clot filter associated with 27 deaths and hundreds of injuries, replaced the device with a modified version which it knew had similar dangerous flaws. Despite this knowledge, the company continued to market the IVC filter to thousands of unsuspecting physicians and patients.
01/05/2016 - Today the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued two final orders to manufacturers to strengthen the data requirements for surgical mesh used to repair pelvic organ prolapse. The first order reclassified the surgical mesh from a class II device, which typically involves moderate risk devices, to a class III device, which includes high risk devices and requires extensive premarket testing and approval process.
12/22/2015 - A Philadelphia jury rendered a staggering $12.5 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary Ethicon in the first transvaginal mesh claim tried in Philadelphia. Yesterday, the jury awarded plaintiff, Patricia Hammons, $5.5 million in compensatory damages and today it awarded another $7 million in punitive damages based on the defective vaginal mesh device, the Gynecare Prolift. After a two-week trial and one day of jury deliberations, the jury found that Ethicon failed to properly warn consumers and physicians of the device’s risks.
12/11/2015 - The epic failure of the Essure sterilization is a perfect illustration of the problems associated with the FDA’s medical device approval process and continued recalcitrance in failing to revoke the premarket approval granted to the device. More specifically, the process reveals the error in how medical device companies test products on patients after the products have been approved and marketed.
12/04/2015 - A recent study performed by STAT news analyzed thousands of pages of congressional disclosure forms and found that nearly 30 percent of senators and 20 percent of representatives held assets in biomedical and health-care companies, or in mutual funds created to invest in those industries.
11/25/2015 - The Food and Drug Administration announced this week that it would render a decision regarding the Essure permanent sterilization device by the end of February. This announcement comes after intense scrutiny of the device by the media and several members of Congress.
11/20/2015 - The fight against the highly controversial sterilization device, Essure is gaining traction as several Representatives have joined forces with Pennsylvania Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick and the formative Essure Problems Group, to have the device removed from the market.
10/31/2015 - A group of women who have been gravely injured by the Essure sterilization birth control device met with several members of the House of Representatives this week to urge support for an upcoming Bill, which would require the FDA to revoke the Premarket Approval granted to the Essure device in 2002.
10/14/2015 - Following a full day FDA hearing on September 24, 2015 about the controversial Essure sterilization device, many people were left with a sense of outrage regarding the cavalier attitude of the FDA and Bayer concerning the thousands of adverse injuries caused by the device.
10/14/2015 - A recent study revealed that women implanted with Bayer’s Essure sterilization device were 10 times more likely to require post-procedure surgery than those who underwent tubal ligation. The study followed 52,326 women sterilized in hospitals and surgery centers in New York from 2005-2013.
10/09/2015 - There has been an ongoing debate whether the female birth control sterilization device, Essure, legitimately obtained final Premarket Approval from the FDA. The original manufacturer, Conceptus, Inc., filed the Premarket Approval (PMA) for Essure with the FDA as a Class III medical device.
10/06/2015 - MicroPort Orthopedics, a Tennessee corporation, which manufactures a variety of hip joint replacement systems, has received reports of an unexpectedly high rate of fractures after surgery related to the PROFEMUR Modular Neck. If the modular neck fractures, the patient may experience sudden pain, instability and difficulty walking and performing common tasks.
10/01/2015 - The practice of paying doctors to speak on behalf of medications and medical devices has grown more controversial in the past few years as many feel it is a conflict of interest. This conflict, coupled with some high profile scandals involving highly paid physicians, have critics concerned with the integrity of this practice.
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The Gynecare Prolift Pelvic Floor System, like many other popular brands of vaginal mesh, has recently been linked to several complications.
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Car accident lawsuit - vehicle submersion injury lawsuit. You may be entitled to legal compensation if you were involved in a vehicle submersion accident.
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CooperVision’s AVAIRA Toric Soft Contact Lenses Recall issued due to an unintended presence of silicone oil residue, which can cause hazy or blurry vision, discomfort to the eye and injuries requiring medical treatment.
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The Medtronic Infuse Bone Graft has been linked to serious and potentially life threatening complications when used in surgeries of the cervical spine, around the neck.
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Covidien Duet TRS Recall. There have been reports of 3 deaths and 13 serious injuries associated with the use of the Duet TRS Tissue Reinforcing Staple Guns in the thoracic cavity (chest cavity).
Pradaxa Side Effects Pradaxa Side Effects Lawsuit:: Pradaxa side effects may range from problems with ulcers to internal bleeding and even death.
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Mirena Side Effects Lawsuit. Mirena side effects may cause Ectopic Pregnancy, Uterine and Cervical perforation or the Mirena IUD could become imbedded in the uterus.
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DMAA side effects lawsuit. Products containing Dimethylamylamine or DMAA may cause serious side effects including heart attack, stroke, liver damage, kidney damage or sudden cardiac death.

Tekturna Side Effects Lawsuit

Tekturna Side Effects Lawsuit::
Tekturna (Aliskiren) , also marketed as Rasilez, has been linked to serious side effects such as kidney problems, stroke, and heart failure among other serious side effects.

Zithromax Lawyer - Z Pack Lawsuit Zithromax Side Effects Lawsuit:
Azithromycin, aka Zithromax, Zmax and Z-Pak has been linked to serious side effects such as liver damage, cardiovascular events like abnormal heart rhythm and sudden death.
Fresenius-Medical-GranuFlo-&-NaturaLyte-Dialysis-injury-lawyer Fresenius Medical GranuFlo & NaturaLyte Dialysis Injury Lawsuit: GranuFlo & NaturaLyte Dialysate Concentrates may raise bicarbonate levels in patients and cause sudden heart attack or other serious cardiac events or death.
Revatio Side Effects Lawsuit | Revatio Pediatric Pulmonary Hypertension Revatio Side Effects Lawsuit. Revatio use in children with pulmonary hypertension may cause serious and life threatening side effects such as heart failure or death.
Brilliant Blue G Recall Lawsuit Attorney Brilliant Blue G Recall - Lawsuit: Lots of Brilliant Blue G have been recalled due to suspected fungal contamination. The FDA has reported several cases of Brilliant Blue G induced eye injury such as fungal endophthalmitis.
Xarelto side effects may be serious and life threatening. Xarelto bleeding has occurred in some patients and has been fatal in some cases.
OMONTYS Side Effects Lawsuit Attorney Takeda & Affymax have issued a voluntary OMONTYS recall due to serious OMONTYS side effects including OMONTYS death from anaphylaxis.
Due to the potential for severe DePuy LPS Diaphyseal Sleeve side effects the FDA has announced a class I LPS Diaphyseal Sleeve recall. The device has the potential to fracture under normal load.
Lipitor side effects lawsuit - Lipitor side effects may include diabetes, kidney failure, liver failure, memory loss & rhabdomyolysis.
Tylenol Liver Failure Lawsuit Tylenol Liver Failure Lawsuit - Tylenol has been linked to severe side effects including liver damage and Acute Liver Failure (ALF).

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