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The manufacturer is being accused of providing fraudulent data to the FDA during the premarket approval of Essure. Had they been honest in their business, the device may have never been approved, and thousands of women wouldn't have been put through this horrible pain. We are here to advise you and protect your rights. 

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Holly has been assisting E-Sisters in their fight against Bayer by lobbying in Congress, meeting with the FDA and writing extensively on the perils of Essure. Ennis and Ennis has been representing Essure victims nationwide since the beginning of 2015. Attorneys David and Holly Ennis have represented clients against pharmaceutical and product manufacturers since 1986.

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You have been the victim of a defective medical device. Many women have endured pain, suffering, surgeries, medical bills and lost wages. Bayer is counting on you to do nothing. If you fail to act you will not receive the compensation you deserve. This is not a class action lawsuit. You will need a lawyer to protect your rights and file your individual claim. Act now.

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Essure was introduced to the market after the manufacturer supplied fraudulent data to the FDA, thus releasing a dangerous product.


Bayer purchased Essure from the original manufacturer Conceptus. Complaints to the FDA increased significantly about Essure after Bayer purchase from Conceptus.


In October 2015, the British Medical Journal published a study by the Weil Medical College of Cornell University concluding patients undergoing Essure had a 10 fold higher risk of undergoing a reoperation when compared with laparoscopic sterilization.  


On February 29, 2016, the FDA ordered Bayer to put a Black Box Warning on Essure and ordered Bayer to conduct a study of 2000 women. Ennis and Ennis P.A. has filed lawsuits for Essure victims nationwide in the state of California, Missouri, New Mexico and Illinois with more to follow and are representing Victims in all 50 States. On November 15, 2016 Essure Black Box Warning and Patient Decision Checklist Became Effective and Physicians are sent a "Dear Doctor" letter regarding both. 


On September 18, 2017 Bayer Announces it will stop selling Essure Worldwide, except in the United States where it will remain on the market. On October 25, 2017 Bayer Releases it's 3rd Quarter Earnings report which reflects 10,600 lawsuits have been filed against Bayer in the United States for Essure Related Injuries.


On July 20, 2018, Bayer announces it will no longer sell Essure in the United States effective 12/31/18.


On April 9, 2018 FDA issues an order Restricting the Sale and Distribution of Essure to ensure all women contemplating using Essure are provided with adequate risk information concerning the potential dangers of the Device. On May 3, 2018 Bayer's Quarterly Report reflects 16,800 lawsuits have been filed against Bayer in the USA for Essure Related Injuries. 

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