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Advocate for The Rights of Female Consumers

Holly has been practicing law since 1987. She concentrates her practice on representing victims harmed by pharmaceutical, medical device, and product manufacturers. She has a special interest in representing Females harmed by dangerous products. Holly has helped women in their fight against TVM, Yaz Birth Control, Ortho Evra, Mirena, Talc, Fosamax, Avandia, and Hip Devices. She is currently leading the fight to help victims harmed by Essure. She has written extensively on the subject and has helped E-Sisters Lobby in Congress and the FDA.

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Reliable Representation Against Corporate Greed

David Ennis has been practicing law since 1986. For 18 years David focused his practice on representing victims of medical malpractice, nursing home neglect, and wrongful death. Since 2003 David has concentrated his practice representing victims nationwide in the field of Mass Torts. Fighting for clients who have been harmed by Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, and Product Manufacturers. See what his 30 years of experience can do for you.

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Essure Lawsuits

And the Introduction of Ariel Grace's Law
Essure’s dangers caught the attention of the U.S. House of Representatives in June 2016 with the introduction of a bill called Ariel Grace’s Law, which if passed will allow victims of the birth control device to more easily hold the manufacturer liable for injuries and deaths.

Talcum Powder Lawsuit

Around $127 million has already been awarded in lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson, compensating victims of the company’s failure to warn consumers about the dangers of using talcum powder. These judgments in favor of the victims have eased some of their burdens, and now other victims are finally stepping forward to hold J&J accountable.

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Pharmaceutical Lawsuits

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Bayer and Essure Back in the Hot Seat

Bayer has certainly struck out this week with negative information concerning Essure being released which was long overdue. First, the FDA released its Interim Results from a required Essure Post Market Surveillance Study,

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Johnson & Johnson Discontinues North American Sales of Iconic Talc-based Baby Powder

Johnson & Johnson announced that it discontinued its talc-based baby powder products in the United States and Canada after being hit with thousands of lawsuits alleging asbestos contaminated the product causing cancer in thousands of users. The decision to cease sales of the product is a huge concession for Johnson & Johnson, which has promoted the product as pure and gentle enough for babies since 1893.

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Elmiron: The Popular Bladder Drug May Cause Blindness

According to recent studies the widely used bladder drug Elmiron may cause eye damage. Recent studies strongly suggest that the drug — known as pentosan polysulfate sodium and used by hundreds of thousands of people for decades — may be highly damaging to the retina, the light-sensing tissue at the back of the eye.

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Most consumers believe products on the shelves are safe. The truth is many products sold as improvements to your life could actually leave you suffering more. Illness, such as talc-related ovarian cancer, injuries, and crippling financial setbacks are among the risks consumers face each day. Hip replacement devices and certain drugs fail to live up to the promises you and medical professionals receive from companies concentrating on satisfying annual profits.

Ennis & Ennis, P.A. is a plaintiff's national personal injury law firm concentrating on representing individuals who have been injured due to medication side effects, defective medical devices, and defective products. Finding a qualified lawyer can be emotionally stressful and confusing. Our attorneys have one goal when you seek their help, and it is that you receive the right information. We offer free case evaluations and will guide you through every step to get you the compensation you deserve. Our offices in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Washington, D.C. serve clients across the country.