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@ennisennislaw @hollyennisesq Thank you, David! This is a victory & a start of good things. Thank you & Holly for all you do. #womenshealth

Ann Arbor, MI

@hollyennisesq @ennisennislaw my rock stars .. My Heros. Thank you for standing beside us.

New York

@ennisennislaw Thank you for your support of #Essure victims!

Youngstown, OH

"Whenever I have needed support, compassion as well as legal guidance due to the complexities of legal issues, Ennis and Ennis treats its clients as family and one becomes relieved as well as convinced that all will be truly resolved in the end due to their expertise and professionalism."

-Estralee M. - TVM Client

@hollyennisesq My heart thanks you very much for your supporting #essure victims. It is a blessing when we are heard and supported. Thank you both.


@hollyennisesq thank you from the bottom of my heart for offering to help us


Thank you @hollyennisesq and @ennisennislaw for all you've done for #EssureProblems and women harmed by #Essure!


@hollyennisesq Thank you for being on our side you are truly amazing. Thank you


"I've already gotten my contract from Holly Ennis. I am a paralegal and I am highly impressed with her this far."

-Casey Kummell

"Thank you Holy Ennis for being there to stand with us!"

-Cecillia Bogle

"Great job Holly. You covered this top to bottom. Never have I seen this all in one article. This is corrupt and we will not back down. How sad the FDA is not to be trusted. And how sad our group has 29,000 plus members."

-Carla Cobb

I can't believe how good I feel... Yesterday I went to doctors office, my pathology report was in... Thank you Holly, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have been able to go through with repairing my body, thank you.

-Brenda Essure Victim