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Essure Victims to Hold Nationwide Rallies Protesting Bayer’s Defective Device

Holly Kelly Ennis April 9, 2017

Victims of the controversial Essure Sterilization Device, or as they are collectively known, the E-Sisters, will be holding rallies across the nation to protest Bayer’s defective device on Saturday May 6, 2017.  Thousands of women across America and worldwide maintain the device has caused them permanent and debilitating injuries, requiring hysterectomies in order to remove the implanted devices. 

Unfortunately, removing body parts is the only way to remove the device in 99% of the cases.

Essure is a permanent birth control device consisting of a four-centimeter coil placed into each fallopian tube to prevent pregnancy by causing severe inflammation creating a total blockage of the fallopian tubes.  The coil contains nickel, which some women are unknowingly highly allergic.  The coil also contains polyethylene (PET) fibers, which irritate and inflame the tubes, causing scar tissue to form over the coils, blocking subsequent fertilization.  Unfortunately the PET fibers which create the irritation to form the scar tissue, often cause the body to fight what it deems to be an infection or foreign body, creating a host of other problems from autoimmune disorders, neurological problems, kidney, adrenal and thyroid disorders and even cancer.  The coils often become dislodged, perforating the fallopian tubes, uterus, colon or other internal organs. Other common complaints include headaches, abdominal pain, severe cramping, bloating, hair loss, dental problems and abnormally painful, heavy menstruation.

The women have limited access to the Courts due to federal laws, which often shield manufacturers from liability even from known dangerous and defective products.  Accordingly, the rallies are intended to raise awareness of the dangers of Essure and to demand Bayer remove the dangerous devices from the marketplace.  The Essure Group members are also boycotting all Bayer products and encourage all citizens to do the same to show that manufacturing companies must be held responsible for their actions, particularly those which cause harm to their consumers. 

The various rallies will take place on May 6, 2017 in the following cities:

California:  Berkley and San Diego

Texas: Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Midland/Odessa

Mesa, Arizona

Raleigh, North Carolina

Las Vegas, Nevada

Kansas City, Missouri

Missoula, Montana

Whippany, New Jersey

Norfolk, Virginia, 

Jacksonville, Florida

Meridian, Idaho,

Portage, Indiana

Dayton Ohio

Denver, Colorado and,

 Little Rock, Arkansas

All women who have been harmed by Essure as well as any citizen who opposes the continued sale of such a dangerous device should attend a rally and show your support for those harmed and demand that Bayer remove Essure from the market.  All citizens should boycott Bayer products to show their support and make your voice heard on May 6, 2017 by posting on your Facebook page supporting the boycott.

For more information regarding the specific sites of the various rallies and/or the dangers of Essure, contact attorney Holly Ennis at, calling or visit us online at